Don’t Miss Out: uShark’s Accelerator Program for Startups Ready to Launch

Exciting news for the startup world! 

The uShark Utility Token is launching its own accelerator program this year in London with the goal of connecting startups that have an MVP ready to the market and providing opportunities for global expansion.

This accelerator program is an incredible opportunity for any startup founder who has been struggling to get their business off the ground. With uShark’s support and guidance, startups will be able to take their businesses to new heights.

What sets this accelerator program apart is its focus on connecting startups with the wider market, providing them with a platform to showcase their talents and make a name for themselves. 

The 12-week program will allow startups to refine their business models and develop their skills with the help of experienced mentors.

If you’re a startup founder with a killer MVP and a dream of taking your business global, then you need to get involved with uShark’s accelerator program. It’s a fantastic opportunity to gain invaluable support and guidance as you work towards achieving your business goals. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

Startups will have to fill out an application form and provide information about their businesses, team, and objectives.

Selected startups will be invited for a virtual or in-person interview to discuss their business ideas and objectives.

The finalists will be selected and will receive a place in the accelerator program.

Another important point is the opportunity for these startups to have a headquarters in the UK, which further attracts the attention of those who wish to globalize their businesses.

Business, financial, and marketing consulting services are also in the portfolio of uShark Startups London for all types of companies, inside or outside the UK.

Program Structure Will Be.

Week 1 – Introduction [Team]

  • Introduction to the startup accelerator and its team.
  • Sessions to present the selected startups.
  • Definition of goals and objectives for each startup.
  • Networking sessions with mentors and investors.

Week 2-3 – Product Development [FB/Product Specialist]

  • Review and validation of the business model.
  • User feedback analysis and definition of product features.
  • Workshops on design thinking, prototyping, and MVP development.
  • Mentoring sessions with digital product specialists.

Week 4-5 – Marketing and Sales Strategy [BT/?]

  • Definition of personas and target audience.
  • Workshops on digital marketing and branding strategies.
  • Definition of the sales funnel and customer acquisition strategies.
  • Mentoring sessions with marketing and sales specialists.

Week 6-7 – Data Analysis [FB/Data Analyst]

  • Market and competition data analysis.
  • Definition of key metrics and KPIs.
  • Workshops on data analysis and visualization.
  • Mentoring sessions with data analysis specialists.

Week 8-9 – Finance and Investment [DG]

  • Financial analysis and cash flow projections.
  • Workshops on investment acquisition strategies.
  • Mentoring sessions with investors and finance specialists.

Week 10-11 – Growth and Scale [Team/Strategic Specialist/Mentor]

  • Definition of growth and expansion strategies.
  • Workshops on scalability and team management.
  • Mentoring sessions with experienced entrepreneurs and investors.

Week 12 – Demo Day [Team]

  • Preparation for final presentation.
  • Pitch and presentation training sessions.
  • Final presentation day for investors and mentors.

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