Everything you need to know about startups to start investing

Startups are not limited only to digital business, it is a company that needs an innovative proposal that has not yet been tested in the market, not to be considered a traditional model company.

Netflix, for example, has developed a platform for movies and online series, making movie rental companies obsolete. Streaming has brought the convenience of allowing the user to access any movie available in the catalog inside their computer, smartphone or smart TV.

Some of the world’s largest companies started out as startups and became unicorns, companies worth more than $1 billion and now dominate the market.

Startups that revolutionized the world:

Google, Uber, Spotify, ifod, Airbnb.

How do startup investments work in the early stages?

Angel Investment: It is the first phase of investments of any startup. It is used to test the thesis and develop an MVP (minimum viable product) to perform a more in-depth analysis of the market.

Pre-seed: In this phase of investment the startup can invest in improvements in the MVP project and build a pitch with information about the idea or business model, because most of the time so far the startup has not yet launched its services and products.

In the pre-seed the capital can vary greatly, but because it is a more initial bet, it has an estimated limit value of up to R$ 500,000. At this stage it is common for funding sources to come from individuals such as colleagues, relatives, friends and it is also possible to find some Venture Capital specialized in pre-seed investment.

Seed: Investments at this level generate funds to support the initial research work, validating the company’s market, as well as discovering the format of the product and who will be the users or consumers.

The risk of investing in the seed phase is higher, because at this stage the values of investments are around 500,000 to 2 million, and are intended to intensify the growth of companies that have not reached their goals after the launch of products and services in the market.

Ushark token holders have the opportunity to become one of the first investors of companies with exponential growth power.

When it comes to venture capital investment, investors who achieve high financial returns are those who have believed in revolutionary deals from the start.

Our focus will be to invest in companies that offer technology that have come to revolutionize the market, the priority will be to invest in ESG companies, companies that seek sustainable and harmonious development with the environment, encourage diversity by supporting social rights and ensure the adoption of good corporate governance practices.

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