Introducing uShark: the union of two major markets

Ushark presents the beginning of a new era, intertwining today’s most lucrative markets into a single token: Startups and cryptocurrencies.

A disruptive business model that has come to democratize the investment world, allowing anyone to have an opportunity to invest as a shark in the next giants of the market.

Ushark is a precursor to the new way of investing, building disruptive business possibilities and challenging large investment funds. A universe where the largest multiples of the market meet, creating the first highly scalable global business.

It is an opportunity to monetize with the appreciation of assets and the profits of startups with a relatively low investment, but with exponential financial returns.

Ushark’s goal is to democratize access to startups worldwide, providing the opportunity for anyone to invest from decentralized finance tokens without the interference of banks and large institutions, and with investments that fit in the pockets of ordinary people.

Ushark was born to revolutionize the market, bringing the investment sector into startups through crowdfunding stake in blockchain, starting the next step of investment that becomes global and decentralized.

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