About us

uShark presents the beginning of a new era, intertwining today’s most lucrative markets into a single token: Startups and cryptocurrencies.

Welcome to uShark Platform

We are bringing the future to the present. uShark is an utility token which all token holders can buy products and services with a special price, rewards and benefits of all startups that we support and invested with the money we crowdfunding. 

Everyone who has purchased our utility token on our platform has the right to vote. To participate in the polls. You can log in and access our voting platform.

Voting Platform/Main Rule:

  1. For each pool of startups, every user who has an up-to-date registration on the uShark platform and holds at least $100 in tokens on the platform is entitled to 10 votes.
  2. The same rule applies for voting on listing or token removal on exchanges.
  3. Periodic voting on any decision that requires community consultation can take place on demand whenever uShark deems it necessary.


Voting for the first startup pool will be available from the first to the last day of March.

Regarding voting on exchanges, we will hold one consultation (voting call) during Q2 2023, another in Q3 2023, and one more in Q4 2023.