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November 2, 2022

Every day we see news talking about cryptocurrencies being the future of investments.

It all started in 2008 when bitcoin came up with the goal of being a decentralized currency. And today we find many investors who have obtained excellent returns by buying cryptocurrencies that have emerged to revolutionize the financial market.

Within the cryptocurrency universe there is no bureaucracy of traditional banks to carry out transactions, you can make transfers within the blockchain network, from peer-to-peer paying lower fees.

For those who still have doubts about what blockchain is, let's explain: It is a database that contains transaction logs, but unlike traditional banks, the data is not centered in the hands of a single authority.

Within the network transactions are delivered to multiple computers and protected by complex encryption algorithms so that each information is kept identical and secure.

When you make a payment, the blockchain computer network checks to see if that transaction is valid, and after confirmation, a block is generated and the transaction details are permanently "written" to this block.

Each transaction is made, a new block is created, each containing the Hash of the previous block, and these blocks have a connection, allowing to track the different owners that this asset has already had, being able to walk the path of the asset to its first holder.

The blockchain network is the most transparent and secure today, transactions are on multiple computers and the database is transparent to everyone on the network, this makes it almost impossible to change or delete data without being detected.

Now there is no doubt about how safe it is to have a portfolio of cryptocurrencies within the blockchain. And if there is still any doubt about this universe of investments, be part of our community and follow the growth of Ushark daily.