Request for sending USHA tokens

In an effort to speed up the process and benefit all who acquired uShark Utility Token, and to comply with new regulatory rules, we announce that we will be exchanging all USH tokens for USHA tokens, based on our database records.

To help us complete the token dispatch, we’ve devised a quick and efficient mechanism.

Step I

Fill out the fields with your personal information, including full name and email.

Step II

You'll receive a confirmation email from us. Please complete the subsequent form with your full name, email, number of USH tokens, upload a valid ID or passport, and your TRONLINK wallet - the same one previously registered in our old swap system.

Step III

Once we cross-reference the provided data with our records, you'll receive another confirmation email, and we will send the USHA tokens to you as soon as possible.

After filling out the following form, we will send an email with a link to complete the request. Please make sure you have access to the email.