Internet of things, Artificial intelligence

The world’s best solution for creating, managing and using field data

Ayyeka leverages a robust combination of edge computing, artificial intelligence, advanced IoT platform and expertise to make critical infrastructure smarter and more efficient.


Critical infrastructures such as water and electricity are everyday things for us, but they are essential for life. We only realize how significant they are when disruptions occur, because they form the basis for the functioning and security of our society. 

Ensuring the protection of critical infrastructures is a core task of state and corporate security provision in order to safeguard the supply of the population.


High-quality and reliable data is the key to new levels of efficiency and sustainability. Ayyeka ensures that decisions are made based on real-time information and that decentralized infrastructure assets operate intelligently and reliably.

Market size 

  • B2G, B2B
  • $60 million

Business model 

Ayyeka brings visibility and actionable insights to critical infrastructure networks. They provide decision makers with real-time data through reliable and user-friendly IoT solutions. Thus, improving decision making and operations, simplifying complicated processes and creating efficient and intelligent solutions.

The hardware/software solution scales up or down to any critical infrastructure asset. This includes water and power grids, oil as well as gas, environmental and smart city applications. The goal is to create a better and safer world by harnessing the power of data with innovative products. 

  1. Data creation: creating timely, accurate data is the first – and critical – step in the decision-making hierarchy. The Wavelet is at the heart of the system – autonomous, robust, secure and reliable.
  2. Data management: the Field Asset Intelligence platform stores and presents asset data for interaction in the next step. Predictive maintenance decisions become easier, assets have shorter downtime and thus are used more efficiently.
  3. Data utilization: Field data is enhanced with state-of-the-art tools such as AI Data Curator for data quality assurance, WaveCam for remote site image capture, and advanced fleet management. The ever-expanding suite of FAI+ tools enables the power of artificial intelligence and edge analytics to be leveraged to get the most out of data.

Competitive advantages

The advantages of Ayyeka lie in the unique interaction of the technological components as well as their special innovative features. The Wavelet as the core, a data logger, is in a class of its own as an edge device. Unmatched features provide more intelligence and connectivity for all distributed field devices. It is easier to use, smarter in decisions, and provides military-grade cybersecurity.

The Wavelet is a cost-effective battery-powered device that is extremely rugged and IP68 certified, it works in any terrain and can withstand even the harshest conditions. It has a powerful and versatile sensor interface that is compatible with all sensors available on the market.

Together with the FAI platform, it forms a one-stop store, the optimal single point of contact and the perfect IoT platform for distributed data and devices. FAI is a powerful tool to manage Ayyeka Edge devices remotely. The FAI is the perfect solution for connecting remote assets to SCADA or business intelligence systems. Supporting standard protocols such as DNP3 and OPC, it is easy to use and can be quickly integrated into the existing infrastructure.

Both components are made optimally usable by the FAI+ apps and provide efficiently usable results. The Ayeka Suite with its customized applications was developed to intelligently solve the most challenging tasks. Whether it’s combined sewer overflows, regulatory compliance, water leak detection, or air quality control. With the apps, users always maintain a perfect overview.

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