Better Juice


Reduces natural sugar – Keeps the goodness

Better Juice’s mission is to bring more nutritional value and creativity to food design while ensuring easy and sustainable production.


In the past, manufacturers had limited options for making reduced-sugar products with natural, sugary ingredients. They could remove or replace the added sugar, but they could not unlock the secret of how to extract the natural sugar from the ingredients.


Better Juice has deciphered the code for reducing sugar from natural products like fruit juice – and in the future, honey and syrup – by using a simple, natural, non-GMO process that preserves nature’s goodness.

Business model 

The company offers an innovative way to reformulate products with less natural sugar. Better Juice enables food manufacturers to bring more nutritional value, creativity and appeal to a wide range of natural fruit-based products and other goods with natural sugars by dramatically reducing sugar content.

It helps manufacturers develop innovative, low-sugar fruit-based foods and beverages that appeal to a broad audience, enable strong customer engagement and are highly popular.

Apart from the reduction of sugar and a small amount of sweetness, the process used does not affect the nutritional value, vitamin composition or odor of the product, and the original character and value are retained. Moreover, manufacturers can determine the amount of sugar they want to reduce.

Competitive advantages

With superior technology years ahead of other solutions, Better Juice has achieved numerous firsts in the industry: first system to use immobilized microorganism technology. First solution that does not add enzymes. First product launch and delivery to a major global U.S. manufacturer. The first solution which converts sugar by 30-80% and offers the full range of 0-80% reduction.

The startup lives a strategy of sustainability and is a complete clean label company. The natural, sustainable production process produces only feed-grade waste, contains no genetically modified organisms and no chemicals to meet consumer demand for clean-label products.

Better Juice has already received international recognition and won several awards for its innovative technology. To this end, the company has received the FDA GRAS designation in the U.S., which certifies its safety, and a patent in the EU has also been filed.

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