A new era of more satisfying and nutritious plant-based food

Equinom offers a whole new breed of ingredients – designed at the source with the end product in mind, helping to ensure the supply of alternative proteins for a delicious future.


The shift to plant-based eating is driving huge demand for alternative proteins, but supply is short because most crops were developed for animal feed, not human-grade food.


Equinom is partnering with food and ingredient companies worldwide to tackle this shortage by developing superior plant-based ingredients in plentiful supply.

Business model 

Deep tech meets Mother Nature – The Manna™ platform developed by Equinom combines the best of both worlds: disruptive patented technology and tried-and-true natural farming practices. By analyzing millions of seeds in our proprietary database, Manna™ predicts the ideal breeding combinations to develop smarter ingredients at record speeds. The result is high-quality ingredients that are custom-designed to meet our customers’ exact specifications – so they can produce the most satisfying plant-based foods yet.

The company’s proprietary platform uses artificial intelligence to naturally develop high-quality, high-yielding, non-GMO ingredients in half the time of traditional crop development cycles. Equinom is helping growers unlock new value in a changing marketplace and expanding their portfolio to include ultra-high protein crops.

Competitive advantages

The vision is to create a sustainable plant-based future and drive the global transformation to truly healthy, appealing, non-GMO food. Food will be affordable, abundant and sustainable. Equinom taps into nature’s true potential and promotes simple food production and clean labeling, while satisfying consumers’ hunger for great taste, texture and flavor.

By partnering with Equinom, food companies can innovate like never before and meet consumers’ desire for delicious, nutritious, affordable and sustainable plant-based foods. The relationship brings three key benefits to these companies: industry-leading protein-rich crops, support for local production and full production contracts.

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