A unique app to build new habits

Let’s make a new journey together – Habitomic helps to find and develop new, lasting, life-improving habits that best suit each personality type.


In a fast-paced age with busy schedules between work and life, it’s nearly impossible to develop new positive routines. For this, there are no apps and programs yet that understand our individual personalities and needs and help us develop and maintain new habits.


Building a New Habit can be challenging, but it gets easier when you have a habit-forming friend along the journey. That is how Habitomic came to life. The app helps break down the goal into smaller, achievable mini-habits and supports mastering these small behaviors that lead to remarkable results.

Market size 

  • TAM – Worldwide $11.5 billion¬†
  • SAM – North America $4 billion
  • SOM – Habitomic $132,000

Business Model

Habit Formation Journey:

1. Personality Type is the Key

No two people are the same, everyone has different needs and desires. At Habitomic, communication is based on your personality type as determined by psychometric tools.

2. Evaluate your habit

A psychometric test helps to find out if the habit fits your needs. If the habit is suitable, it is more likely to be retained. 

3. Find the starting point

The journey begins by breaking the chosen habit into subgoals. Daily routines that take just a few minutes. Mini-habits get users on the right track, step by step.

Competitive advantages

Mini habits help create a sense of accomplishment when realistic, achievable small goals are set. They help develop a lasting new habit with a step-by-step approach. With the help of human psychologists, behavioral therapists, and a proprietary intelligent chat assistant, Metis, Habitomic helps change habits.

The app is based on psychometric testing. All people have different needs, desires and goals, one size fits all does not lead to success. Based on this testing, users are helped to find, build and maintain new habits, with recommendations and communication tailored to the individual’s needs. Customized programs help monitor progress and reward oneself – all in one simple app.

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TAM – Total available market

TAM is the total size of the market and corresponds to the long-term potential in perfect conditions without competitors.

SAM – Serviceable available market

SAM is the medium-term potential of a company that can realistically reach its target audience with its current product.

SOM – Realistically available market in the first phase

SOM describes the realistic potential assessment for the first phase of a company.