Best Online Currency Exchange Rates in Canada

Rextie offers the most secure currency exchange platform where the process is 100% digital, simple and fast.


Millions of people and companies around the world pay extremely high exchange rates and fees for slow transactions that are not 100% secure.


Rextie offers fair exchange rates in these operations and high security through a platform that offers innovative financial services.

Market size 

  • Trading volume: $3.5 billion¬†
  • ARR NTM: $3 million
  • Active monthly users: 15,000
  • Monthly transactions: 40,000

Business model 

Rextie is a currency exchange platform where the processes are 100% digital. They focus on the transparency of exchange rates, which are displayed to customers in real time. This ensures the safety of customers at every step and saves time as well as money.

The purpose is to get people excited about financial services because they are the means to achieve their dreams. Rextie is usable by everyone with three simple steps: 1. Register the transaction 2. Transfer to Rextie 3. Receive the exchange.

Competitive advantages

With Rextie, time and money are saved, which has a very positive effect for the customers, resulting in an NPS >70 (Net Promoter Score) and confirming satisfaction. The platform offers a highly competitive spread and is very secure and fast.

Rextie has a team of experienced foreign exchange traders who help make the best possible financial decisions, on time and through actionable market feedback.

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TAM – Total available market

TAM is the total size of the market and corresponds to the long-term potential in perfect conditions without competitors.

SAM – Serviceable available market

SAM is the medium-term potential of a company that can realistically reach its target audience with its current product.

SOM – Realistically available market in the first phase

SOM describes the realistic potential assessment for the first phase of a company.