Democratized securities lending for new groups of customers

The $3 trillion market is made accessible to banks, brokers, managers and investors in a transparent, simple and trustworthy way.


For decades, securities lending has been reserved for a select group of institutions. 


Sharegain opens up new opportunities for wealth creation by making securities lending accessible to all. The platform enables online brokers, private banks, asset managers and custodians to lend their stocks, bonds and ETFs and generate additional revenue for their own business as well as their clients.

Market size 

$67.2 million

Business model 

Sharegain started with a simple vision: to democratize the $3 trillion securities lending market for banks, brokers, managers as well as investors and make the market accessible to these groups. To do this, it created an end-to-end platform that provides all the ways to monetize assets. Securities loans for everyone, without high entry costs and logistical barriers.  

By offering end-to-end transaction support, the Securities Lending as a Service (SLaaS) platform enables online brokers, private and custodian banks, and asset managers to generate additional revenue from existing investments. Sharegain automates all front- and back-office functions on one platform and provides everything needed to build a seamless, frictionless and customizable securities lending business.

New business areas are opened up for investors by offering securities lending as an additional source of income, with complete control, transparency and no additional effort. High added value is thus generated through another way of investing money, with Sharegain taking care of all the work and allowing companies to focus on their customers. The offering can be customized as needed to meet specific interests, increasing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency through a new line of business.

Competitive advantages

In summary, new stakeholders are gaining access to a trillion dollar market for the first time through Sharegain, allowing banks, brokers and asset managers to provide a new revenue stream to their clients with lending of stocks, bonds and ETFs.

The goal is to democratize this market using technology so that financial institutions and investors can leverage their assets to generate additional capital and be more liquid. The company is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and adheres to industry security standards and best practices.

Sharegain offers the ‘BetterLend’ service to work with investors to create positive change in the world. Taking into account environmental, social and responsible governance criteria, customers can make their securities lending ESG compliant. To this end, the company has partnered with four charitable organizations to provide disadvantaged people with access to education and water, and to promote sustainability and renewable energy.

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