Minimize cyber risks intelligent, quickly and efficiently

The new generation of a proactive and accurate tool for monitoring, identifying and managing vulnerabilities across an organization’s ecosystem.


Modern businesses can no longer rely on legacy solutions to manage cyber risk. They are constantly exposed to the risk of their customers’, employees’ and supply chains’ data being compromised worldwide.


An intelligent and continuous solution against cyberattacks that automatically monitors the darknet and enterprise attack surface for risks and threats. By combining various data, Sling offers a specially developed scoring to show a company’s vulnerability and exposure to attacks.

Market size 

  • B2G, B2B
  • $665 million

Business model 

Sling performs comprehensive inventory discovery and end-to-end mapping, including brands, networks, partners and connected organizations. Cybercrime sources and attack surface mapping modules are used to investigate discovered vulnerabilities. Based on these findings, an attack probability is calculated using an in-house scoring algorithm.

The Cyber Intelligence networks provide a deep understanding of security vulnerabilities and threats, both from a local and global perspective. This knowledge is combined with cutting-edge technology and continuous monitoring. Digital threats are constantly evolving, which means effective protection must also be dynamic. Sling provides monitoring that proactively detects changes in the risk profile or severity of cyber threats.

Competitive advantages

The combination of intelligence, expert status, and professionalism in the cyber and insurance world enables Sling to develop cutting-edge technologies, analyze complex data, and provide personalized insurance solutions.

Sling automatically monitors the darknet and attack surface for risks and threats. Combining the data creates the Sling Score, a proprietary indicator of an organization’s vulnerability and exposure to attack. An actionable score that eliminates the guesswork.

From dedicated emergency response teams to rapid claims payments. The Fast Solution system offered and the provision of a 24/7 Cyber Insurance & Response team rounds out the offering.

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