The future of renewable energy use – Let’s ZOOZ

Building green, ultra-fast and low-cost EV charging networks, based on innovative flywheel technology, that meet tomorrow’s sustainability goals – today.


The shift to electric vehicles is critical to creating a more sustainable planet. Opportunities for electric vehicle charging station operators have been hampered by network limitations, as well as unsustainable solutions and slow charging processes that are impractical.


ZOOZ has developed an innovative flywheel technology to offer its business model by deploying ultra-fast, climate-neutral and cost-efficient charging stations for electric vehicles everywhere. This benefits drivers, charging station operators, utilities, fleet owners and real estate alike.

Good for the business – Good for the planet

Business model 

A breakthrough technology from ZOOZ that enables unlimited high-power charging and discharging cycles is based on a non-toxic flywheel, making it inherently environmentally friendly. 

With the Kinetic Power Booster, businesses are able to overcome power grid limitations and build ultra-fast charging networks anywhere. They generate more revenue through cost-effective, ultra-fast charging of multiple e-vehicles at the same time, while meeting sustainability goals with a system that is easily recyclable and emits 23 times less KG CO2 per kWh. It is designed to be inherently environmentally friendly, using low-carbon, non-toxic and non-rare materials. In this way, it provides a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to chemical batteries that require frequent replacement and serves as a transformative force in the EV revolution.

The opportunity for charging station operators to accelerate the EV revolution and grow their business has never been greater. Consumer demand for accessible charging stations for longer-range e-vehicles is steadily increasing, and 120 million e-vehicles are expected to be on the road by 2030.

The benefits of electrification for fleet operators are many. An e-fleet means lower operating costs, government incentives and tax breaks, and a brand enhanced by sustainability.

If you own or operate a hotel, parking lot, airport, shopping center or other property that welcomes visitors, travelers and consumers, you need to be ready. The EV revolution is here and whether or not you can offer charging service can be critical to new and returning customers.

Governments around the world are working to align climate, energy and mobility policies. A race is beginning for car manufacturers to meet the demands of this new reality and win the hearts and wallets of e-drivers. ZOOZ is helping to increase range, expand the charging network, and provide much shorter charging times.

Utilities around the world are preparing for the EV revolution, asking themselves important strategic questions: how can we manage the increase in demand without overloading the grid? How can we manage changes in charging times and high load curves? The Kinetic Power Booster ensures grid stability and provides greater energy security by reducing peak load, power trading and stabilizing the entire grid.

Competitive advantages

  • Reduces bureaucracy and eliminates the need for infrastructure upgrades, enabling faster time to market 
  • Guarantees longevity with a system life of 15 years without the need for replacement
  • Is consistent with the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Can be used with any power source
  • Reduces carbon footprint by 23 times per kWh compared to chemical batteries
  • Increases revenue by providing cost-effective parallel charging for multiple e-vehicles
  • Securing customer loyalty by offering high-speed charging
  • Growing market share by deploying in more locations than ever before 
  • Improving brand equity with charging stations that are green and sustainable

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