Protocol upgrade to TronLink: uShark AI Token USHA (TRC20)

Where do you want to do it?

Protocol upgrade to TRONLINK: uShark AI Token USHA (TRC20).

Now all holders of the USH Utility Token can directly exchange it for the new uShark AI Token (USHA) on our platform, which uses the TRC20 protocol. Until the end of March, everyone can make the swap using the tutorial available on our website. Starting from April, we will make the automatic swap available through our platform.

Watch the brief tutorial below and make your swap.

The swap will be available until
December 2025.

Geraldo Marques Founder & CEO

Using a smartphone

Download Tronlink mobile app and watch the tutorial on creating a wallet and importing USHA Token. (video without sound)

Using a desktop

After creating your wallet (check mobile version), install Tronlink extension for Google Chrome web browser and watch the tutorial on importing USHA to your wallet. (video without sound)

Change from Metamask to TronLink Wallet

Swap your USH from Metamask through the uShark platform and receive USHA directly in your TronLink wallet. (video without sound).