uShark Joins Hands with MetAmazonia: Merging Business with Sustainable Impact

We’re thrilled to announce that uShark has formed a partnership with MetAmazonia, the groundbreaking ESG metaverse aiming to make a tangible difference in the world. 

MetAmazonia stands as a beacon of how modern technology can merge with conservation efforts. Providing a real-time simulation of the Amazon rainforest, it offers users a mesmerizing, immersive experience while simultaneously supporting the critical mission of preserving the Amazon.

This platform is built using the unparalleled capabilities of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 and has the support of an array of cameras providing real-time monitoring of the reserve. Furthermore, by obtaining the “AmaLand” digital passport (an NFT representation of the Amazon Rio Reserve’s physical land), users can unlock a plethora of features including Digital Assets, Impact as a Service, Phygital Utilities and Experiences, and a Rewards Program.

Not only does this partnership align with our values, but we’re confident that our collaboration will amplify the impact MetAmazonia is creating in the Amazon. For more insights, visit their official website MetAmazonia .

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