The bridge that unites two major markets

The bridge that unites
two major markets startups and crypto the present and the future

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Welcome to uShark

Bringing the future to the present

uShark is a utility token that allows all token holders to buy products and services at a special price, receive rewards and benefits from all the startups we support and invest in with the money we crowdfunding.

Market one: Startups

Our Startups

We work with 30+ startups from small to big

Get to know our voting platform and participate in choosing the next startups that will receive our investments.

Market Two: Cryptocurrencies

The financial revolution in a single token

uShark is an innovative business model with the purpose of balancing the differences that the traditional market brings between large and small investors.

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Our Community

Empowering people

We created a movement that is driven by the desire to democratize the investment market giving power to all.

Empowering people to start investing in game changing companies. Our mission is to build a community that impacts the generation that will be the future of the world.  Be a shark. Be the revolution.

Our Next Steps

Our Roadmap

We Are in the Media

Startups Consultancy in London.
Thrive in your business and achieve your ambitions.

The financial revolution in a single token.

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Request for sending USHA tokens

Regarding the USHA tokens you still hold, you can send them to uShark for us to destroy once you’ve received your USHA tokens, or you can destroy them yourself, as they will no longer be valid.